Restaurants Brighton

Restaurants Brighton features restaurant listings, reviews and recommendations from Brighton’s vibrant food scene.

Together with minkidesign, we have set up and styled the site to match Restaurants Brighton’s brand, as well as developed features to make it easier for them to manage content on their site.

Since launching the new site, I continue to provide Restaurants Brighton with the design & development of new features and speed optimisations to help them reach ever-higher in search rankings.

Restaurants Brighton

Fancy Text Generator

The Fancy Text Generator is a web app which turns text into fancier looking Unicode symbols for use on social media.

As a pet project, I created this to explore writing modern JavaScript apps, service workers, and CSS grid.

Fancy Text Generator

Restaurants Brighton Jobs

Restaurants Brighton Jobs is Restaurants Brighton’s sister site aimed at the hospitality industry in Brighton and Sussex.

Together with minkidesign, we developed the site with custom functionality which allows employers to post job ads, and allows candidates to browse and apply for them directly on the site.

Restaurants Brighton Jobs

WPlook Studio

For the first two years of my professional career, I worked for WPlook Studio, a developer of WordPress themes and plugins.

My work included developing themes and plugins, working with external plugins like WooCommerce, and designing new products, like the recent WPlook Shortcodes plugin.

WPlook Studio is a URL shortener based on YOURLS. The design of the site is based on my own YOURLS theme, ∞², customised to fit the needs of my client.

I have designed a number of ideas for the site based on close collaboration with the client, and later coded the site with usability and performance in mind.

I also designed a version of the site using the Polr URL shortener instead.

Atlantis Installations

Atlantis Installations is a luxury bathrooms installations service based in the South West.

This project involved the setting up WordPress, adding content to the site and customising the theme to the client’s liking.

Atlantis Installations

List Network Sites

List Network Site is a WordPress theme designed for displaying a list of sites in a network installation of WordPress.

It features search, filtering and sorting options, as well as a customisable, responsive interface.



Infinity Squared is a public page theme for YOURLS, a link shortener. It can be used to give the public access to your short domain, not just registered users.

It features a responsive design, anti-spam protection, social sharing, configurable options, and more.




I have a degree in Computer Science with Design from Lancaster University. Modules completed include Human-Computer Interaction, Software Design, and Internet Applications Engineering from the School of Computing and Communications, and Innovation and Design and Design Thinking from the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts.

I have also completed a dissertation entitled "Investigating the use & implications of smart speakers", an ethnographic study exploring users' views on smart speakers, how privacy figures into this and how smart speakers alter the use of other digital devices. The report makes a series of recommendations for users, devevelopers and policy makers based on the study's findings.

Other projects

Other projects I have worked on recently include:

  • developing a custom WooCommerce plugin to simplify accounting;
  • developing a custom WordPress plugin to synchronise documentation from an external system;
  • extending an existing WordPress site to accommodate a WooCommerce store, based on designs provided by the client, with some additional custom functionality;
  • designing and developing a custom log-in system within WordPress to allow users to access protected content.