Hi, I’m Tom, a freelance WordPress developer from Lancaster, UK.

As a student at Lancaster University and a designer at WPlook Studio, it’s safe to say I love the web. Having worked with it extensively over the past few years, I have real hands-on experience with PHP, jQuery, CSS, and WordPress.

When I’m not in front of a screen, I’m an avid follower of fashion, love to cook, adore everything about trains, and write some of the worst tweets known to man. I’m also a novice jogger - but that might change after a few kilometres. Humour me.

Current Work

WPlook Studio

I currently work for WPlook Studio, a developer of the most complex WordPress themes and plugins.

My work includes developing themes and plugins, working with external plugins like WooCommerce, and designing new products, like our recent WPlook Shortcodes plugin.

WPlook Studio

Latest Project

List Network Sites

List Network Site is a WordPress theme designed for displaying a list of sites in a network installation of WordPress.

It features search, filtering and sorting options, as well as a customisable, responsive interface.