Hi, I’m Tom, a freelance WordPress developer from Manchester.

I'm now available to hire for WordPress, PHP and design projects.

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As a designer and developer, I get to combine my two biggest passions and create amazing experiences for the web. Having worked with it extensively over the past few years, I have real hands-on experience with PHP, jQuery, CSS, and WordPress.

When I’m not in front of a screen, I’m an avid follower of fashion, love to cook, adore everything about trains, and write some of the worst tweets known to man. I’m also a novice jogger - but that might change after a few kilometres. Humour me.

Featured project

Restaurants Brighton

Restaurants Brighton is a directory style site, featuring restaurant listings, reviews, recommendations and anything hot & fresh from Brighton’s vibrant food scene.

Together with minkidesign, we have set up and styled the site to match Restaurants Brighton’s brand, as well as developed features to make it easier for them to manage their content.

Recently, I have designed and built a new, bespoke homepage for Restaurants Brighton to help increase engagement with that area of the site. Beautiful and performant, it espouses everything I strive for in my everyday work.

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Latest Project

Restaurants Brighton Jobs

Restaurants Brighton Jobs is Restaurants Brighton’s sister site aimed at the hospitality industry in Brighton and Sussex.

Together with minkidesign, we developed the site with custom functionality which allows employers to post job ads, and allows candidates to browse and apply for them directly on the site.

Restaurants Brighton Jobs